Framed Earth is a series of pictures part of an artistic reasearch about the world that Google Earth generate. As it is scanned, and so deformed by the lack of data, the planet is turning into something new and take its autonomy from its physical counterpart. Our approach consists in scanning this already digitized Earth in order to enhance its surreal characteristics made from glitches and distortions. Thereby, we assert its fictionnal dimensions.

Framed Earth's landscapes, plunged into the ocean, focus on dwellings and other places to live. As islands, these fragmented worldsremind us of how we inhabit digital space and browse the sea of data. We sail from filter bubble to filter bubble, as from island to island, more or less populated, isolated, connected. Behind the edges of our screen, there is information frames that sequence, divide and reorder the worlds we living in.

However, living somewhere is not only spatially occupying a place. It is also projecting one's affects into this place and creating a story about it. These imaginary digital habitats unfold in many forms and inspire different narratives, sometimes absurd, even anguished, from autarkic desertions to post-apocalyptic worlds.