Nourished with training in design and living arts, Paul Vivien's works combine technical and intuition, science and fantasy. His works are subject to questions about the environment, both natural and artificial, in which our species evolves.

Behind the consensual aspect he gives to his projects, designed to attract and please, he hides the messages he wants to express, often dreamy, sometimes cynical or worried. Manipulating digital technologies for their unexpected surprises, are selected what seems most alive, the phenomena that would be most interesting to tame.

He then seeks to create a sensitive relationship between these manifestations of digital life and the people who could meet them, imagining new user-machine relationships. The computer singularity would be for him the bridge to a possible utopia between the human and his nature, this new form of selfless consciousness working at the best balance.

Occasionally involved in Parisian arts schools such as EPSAA, ECV or ENSAAMA, Paul Vivien is also an active member of the OYÉ label association, which supports digital arts projects in their development.

He recently presented his installations, shows and conferences at the Pulsar Prize at Station F, Arch 402 Gallery in London, Technarte Bilbao and Art Brussels.
Paul Vivien is currently touring the shows "Hands" mixing dance and video, and "Aurora" imagining the life of a synthetic aurora borealis.