We experience life and evolve through digital spaces that hold less and less meaning to us every day. As we are acting everyday more like them, our quest to understand the machines who encrypt our data has become closer to an identity crisis.

rejecting instruction is a remix of Eames Office’s “A Computer Glossary”, an educational short film that was shown for the first time in 1968 at the IBM Corporation’s Hemisfair pavilion.
The film is characteristic of the 70s approach to computer science: using oversimplified metaphors and dated american clichés. We feel this source material is overdue for parody and reexamination.
As glitch artists, we scoff at well structured algorithmics, disguised information & behaviorism induction, we would like to remind the world that computer science is not exact, but that it is a playground of malfunctions and emotions that even cold steel hearted machines can hold and share with human beings.

This project was led by the EG community,
Exquisite Glitch is a self managed social media based community, it is open to anyone around the world who enjoys glitch art aesthetic and exquisite cadavers (from the french cadavres exquis).
Every few months, a member steps up with an idea, then coordinating and curating a new round from the source to the final montage.
The productions of each round wildly vary in content, medium, and diffusion; from digital image collages, video game texture packs to full-length movies, the works of the community are often published online, but have also on occasion been printed or projected in museums, galleries, hacklabs and independent art spaces around Europe.

featured artists

Брюс Проблеми - Digital Ruins - Dream Doctor - Entropywave - flvz - GenerateMe
György Ulrich - Holographic Thought Process - j3d1n4 - Jo FRGMNT Grys - John Bumstead
Jozes Aquiler - Kaermack Polewska - Kaspar Ravel - M Reinhardt - Monoskop - Prntrror - PulledFrop - Roberto Malano - Samuel Dumez - Suture - v3d.space - vividvivi - XanderofXanadu - music by 自決 9 6